Much of untrue stories has been written and spoken about us the Azande People by many scholars including Sir. E. E. Evans-Pritchard who have written a humility history about us the Azande People.

Seeing the need to tell our own true and genuine past and present history, we formed our dedicated volunteers community to write our sensible true history as Azande People.
We look forward to consistently grew by preserving and revitalizing our history and culture genuinely and to the best of our knowledge. All thanks to the helping hands of the Azande amazing volunteers community.

We focus on writing our history, show our culture and telling our Folktale (Pa-Ture) genuinely for our Azande future generations and readers around the globe.
Our dedicated writers, editors and technical experts team of volunteers provide the momentum that helps us affect changed perception to all the humility stories and cultures written in the absence of our knowledge as Azande People.

Using data driven models in writing our history and showing our culture, we partnered with our Azande Elders and Intellectuals to write our history to the best of our knowledge that will change the perception of the humility history written by the European scholars.
Thus, “No one is liable to tell true story about the other person, than the real person telling his/her own genuine stories accordingly.”

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